CLASS RECORDING | Stage Makeup Masterclass (2 Hours 45 Mins)



Running Time: 2 Hours 45 Mins

Where: Zoom (You will need to download the app. You can watch it on a laptop, tablet or phone if you do not have one).


Class Description and Things you will Need:


There are a lot of areas to cover when it comes to make up, so a 2.5-hour intensive class should cover a large area of those bases.
This is not a Drag/SFX/Ultra Creative Make up class.

This is a Glam/Bold Makeup class specifically for Stage or Special Event purposes.

In this class we will cover:
Before and After - How to take care of your face before and after applying makeup

Eyebrows - Definition and Shaping

Foundation - Application and How to Make it Last
Contour and Blush - How to define your face

Highlight - How to highlight your face with highlighter or glitter
Smokey Eyes - How to apply and blend a smokey eye look
Cut Crease Eyes- How to apply and perfect a cut-crease eye look
Lips - How to Make your lips pop, work with your own lips and create depth

Things you will Need:

-Bring all of the Makeup that you have. All brushes, any makeup including foundations, contour, blush, eyeshadows, powders etc

-I encourage those who are attending to bring notepads, ipads in case you want to jot down any notes

(Or if you would prefer to just watch and try it later, that is fine too!)

Stage Makeup Masterclass - Class Recording