This is a Metal Themed Dance Cardio workout. It is quite intense but all movements can be modified to suit your needs. Metalheads, Emos and Grunge Kids Unite! This is just a fun cardio dance class with mosh pit moves along to our favourite Scuzz and Kerrang tracks!

I will send you all a playlist and we can press play at the same time to stay in time!


Start Time: 2PM GMT - UK TIME (If you are in a different time zone, please double check what time this is for you).
End Time: 2:45PM (The class is 30 mins Cardio, 15 mins Warm Up/ Cool Down)
Where: Zoom (You will need to download the app. You can watch it on a laptop, tablet or phone if you do not have one).
Things you will need:
-A Space (This does not need to be huge as you can do most things in a small area). There will be some jumping so if you have a wobbly TV, move away from it!
-Your Favourite Metal Outfit! We will get ultra sweaty so don't wear anything with restrictive of movement or spikes that you might stab yourself with!
-Water and a Towel! Please keep a water bottle or glass near you. It will be hard for me to address people separately or take breaks as I will have multiple screens on, so to avoid getting up and missing anything, having water near you would be useful. Bring a towel if you need to wipe down your sweat! (Of course if you need to get water or go to the toilet, go for it!)


🤘🏻Metal Dance Cardio Workout - 5th December (Drop In)🤘🏻


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