Running Time: 3 Hours

How do I Watch it? Zoom (You will need to download the app. You can watch it on a laptop, tablet or phone if you do not have one). 

How long will it be available to view? 1 Week from time of Purchase

Who can Attend: Any age, gender or skin tone. It is preferable that you have a base level knowledge of Makeup, but not essential.


Class Description and Things you will Need:


There are a lot of areas to cover when it comes to this kind of makeup, so a 3-hour intensive class should cover a large area of those bases.
This is not standard Stage Make up class.

This is a Drag and Ultra Creative class for those who prefer more extreme makeup.

In this class we will cover:
Before and After - How to take care of your face before and after applying makeup

Eyebrow Cover - How to cover your eyebrows to be able to draw on new ones

Eyebrows - How to apply new higher/altered shaped eyebrows

Foundation - Application and How to Make it Last
Contour - How to define/change your face shape with more extreme contouring

Highlight - How to highlight your face with highlighting and sculpting
Cut Crease Eyes- How to apply and perfect a cut-crease eye look with your new eye/eyebrow shape and how to incorporate glitter, extreme shapes into an eye look

Blending - How to properly blend eyeshadows of all colours, neutral or brights, how to layer many colours and which colours/tones work best together. No harsh lines (unless you want them!)

Creams/Powdered Products - How to work both and know which gets layered first and whether you can layer certain products on top of the other
Lips - How to overdraw on your lips and define them so they do not bleed


*Please try and bring a gluestick (elmers/prit stick) and a spoolie (which is a brush used for mascara that has no product on it or a thin comb)
I encourage those who are attending to bring notepads, ipads, brushes, all of the make up you use for the stage so we can work with what you have or any other aid you wish to bring!

Or if you would prefer to just watch and try it later, that is fine too.

Drag Makeup Masterclass - Class Recording