DROP IN CLASS | Thursday 30th July

Choreography, Stage Presence and Confidence (90 mins)



Which Day will it be held on: Thursday 30th July

Available From: 8:30PM (UK Time)

How Can I Watch it: Once the LIVE class has finished (at the above time), I will send you a link to where you can retroactively take part in the class. You can view this anytime after the link has been sent to you.

Where: Zoom (You will need to download the app. You can watch it on a laptop, tablet or phone if you do not have one).


As you will not be participating in the Live Class, you will not be able to receive live feedback, however you can email me at anytime if you have any questions or concerns regarding something in the class.


Class Description and Things you will Need:


This class includes a set piece of choreography that we will all learn together. Through each movement, we will be breaking down why certain movements are used, how to direct movements towards and away from the audience as well as how you can incorporate choreography structures into your own work in the future.

These is a more simple choreography however there is much to be learned from all levels about why choreography is important on the stage. Through this we will explore how to use movement for stage presence, how you can command the stage between movements and how you can gain and exude confidence throughout.

Please Bring:
-Gloves (Long or Short)
-Heels or shoes that you are comfortable dancing in (Barefoot is also fine)
-Clothes that you are comfortable dancing in or an outfit that you want to dance in
-A prop (this can be big or small - from a pair of sunglasses to an umbrella)
-(Kneepads are optional, however are advised if you have trouble with your knees and/or movements on the floor. If you cannot do any movements on the floor, then I can happily show you the equivalent movements for a standing position).  

Choreography, Stage Presence and Confidence - 30th July (Post-Class Recording)


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