Where Can I Watch it: Zoom (You will need to download the app. You can watch it on a laptop, tablet or phone if you do not have one).

Who can Sign up: Anyone over the age of 18 (due to the nature of the content - unless you have parental consent). All genders/skill levels welcome.

Class Description:
This is a class dedicated to the art of shimmying, shaking your body, your booty and how to move them effectively on stage. We will be focusing on how to shake everything in a way that works with items of clothing you are wearing or taking off onstage, props as well as how to incorporate it into your current or upcoming routines.

You will Need:
-A Space (This does not need to be huge as you can do most things in a small area). If you have a yoga mat or a rug/blanket or a towel, that would help as we will be on the floor for a part of the class.


-Something loose fitting or tight with a wide range of motion as we need to move our bodies around! As we are working from home, no need to worry about what others think so in terms of clothing just make sure they are not too tight to where it restricts your movement and wiggle haha! If you are home alone or can be in a space alone, then a thong or underwear would work fine so you can be free!!


-Kneepads. If you are worried about being on your knees/ the floor and do not have a mat or something to rest on, you can add kneepads. Failing that, put down some old tshirts, clothes or anything soft for you to rest your knees on. We want to avoid pressure on your knees as well as any carpet burn.


-Water. Please keep a water bottle or glass near you. It will be hard for me to address people separately or take breaks as I will have multiple screens on, so to avoid getting up and missing anything, having water near you would be useful. (Of course if you need to get water or go to the toilet, go for it!)

-Chair/Table/Wall for balance

Booty Bounce - Class Recording


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