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Burlesque Acts

Aurora performs different styles of dance from the classic Charleston style a more contemporary and modern style. With her signature dynamic energy, Aurora offers a range of dance routines that can accommodate a variety of events settings. She is also able to offer any bespoke dance routines with diverse genres to suit any specific occasion that you are booking for. Family Friendly versions are also available upon Request.

Please Contact Aurora for further details.


Aurora Galore has a signature style and speed of feather fan dancing. Multiple versions available.

HERE is one version


An alternative and psychedelic act inspired by the wonderous world of Alice in Wonderland.

Click HERE to see the Video


Aurora's upbeat and wild style of dance can take you to Charleston and back again. This is a fun and light-hearted piece of dance with a full showgirl outfit, big hair and a sassy attitude.

Click HERE to see the Video

DSC_0450 - Copy.jpg


An upbeat and electrifying performance complete with a tassel twirling finale.

Click HERE to see a Video clip


An upbeat and bootyful performance to modern and crowd pleasing tracks.

Click HERE to see a Video clip

FB_IMG_1603963476070 - Copy.jpg
BURLESQUE WM 05-12-19-365 - Copy.jpg


A dramatic and dark act with silk fans and skills galore.

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