Photo By Tigz Rice Studios

Photo By Tigz Rice Studios

About Me

Aurora Galore is currently Voted #7 Top Burlesque Performer in the world via 21st Century Burlesque as well as Winning the title of 'Most Innovative' Performer at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, 2014. She is an exciting tattooed Fire and Burlesque Performer whose influences stem from Haute Couture and avant garde fashion, turn-of-the-century Circus Freaks and a wide range of dance styles. Her performances vary from dark, outlandish dance acts to fire breathing finales and burlesque parodies. Aurora has a contemporary aesthetic, a modern soundtrack, and energetic acts that are full of power and pizzazz.

Having performed on stages since the age of five, Aurora is a vivacious and exuberant entertainer whose edgy stage presence allows
for both controversy and appreciation. With a combination of dance, fire and a crazy persona, Aurora is able to be an ‘electrifying
tour de force in aggressive sensuality, brimming with the confident exuberance’ of an artiste.

Aurora arrived on the scene in 2010, and has evolved in aggression, power and art. The ‘petite powerhouse’ has a style ‘still rare
in London’s vintage-dominated burlesque scene and remains a unique treat' to all that watch her. Her acts portray a modern take on burlesque and illustrates a captivating sense of disruptive madness!

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